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Piece of art? or comfort & design? If you buy a sofa only for the look of it and it's uncomfortable, you will soon regret it. Fama designs have been created with this in mind and they are perfect to enjoy at home. They are created to be enjoyed at home, on your own, with your couple or with the whole family. 

The Fama Collections


Amazing Choice of Fabrics

You can choose among more than 1000 different materials available in our range.

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Quality Materials

Fama sofas have long life durability

Interest Free Credit

Interest Free Credit

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Free Local Delivery

Dedicated Expert Delivery

Free local delivery by our careful experts

The Fama Range

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The Fama Story


Inspirational Designs

Fama have shown that there other colours rather than just white, grey or beige. Year after year, they have created different combinations using different colours (blue, green, pink, orange, yellow...). These combinations still bring harmony and gives special touches to their designs. 

Sustainability and the Environment

We recycle 98% of our waste. We take care of our designing process:
- Designing the products by using a minimum quantity of raw material.
- Optimizing the use of raw materials.
- Designing and optimizing the use of the waste that we produce, since our main purpose is to reuse the waste.
- Designing the production process, so that we only use a minimum of resources and energy.
- Manufacturing our products, so that they have long life durability.
- We use as less plastic and cardboard as possible in our packaging.
- Designing our products by considering the product shipment and optimizing the volume.


Design, technology and craftsmanship

Fama combine the most advanced technology with the experience and craftsmanship of their workers.
Production control takes place in real time through an innovative radio-frequency bar code system


Responsibly Sourced Materials

Responsibly Sourced Materials

10 Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation



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